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Kansas FedEx worker injured on the job, dies in hospital

A workplace accident can happen to anyone at any time. Even in the most unlikely scenarios, an unexpected fall or roof collapse can take someone by surprise and result in injuries — or, in the worst case scenario, rob a worker of their life.

A worker died recently in suburban Kansas. The man, a 62-year-old FedEx employee, was taken to a hospital after being pinned between a dock and a trailer. A trailer was pulling out of the FedEx lot when the man slipped under it. He died while being treated for his injuries. The accident is under investigation and the cause was not immediately known.

When a worker is killed or injured on the job, there can be many complications for both the victim and the victim’s family and loved ones. Of course, every accident — whether it results in mere cuts and bruises or a fatality — has the potential to be traumatic, and there is often lasting emotional pain and suffering.

But then there is the pain and suffering that can be costly in a more literal sense. In many cases, contracting an illness or suffering an injury at work will result in lost wages — something family members and victims often cannot afford. What’s more, victims and their families are often left with hefty medical expenses from hospitalization and the long-term treatments these injuries and illnesses can require.

Thankfully, there is a way for victims involved in such accidents and their families to claim benefits from their employers. Even when the employer is not at fault, workers may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits that offer employees the chance to receive an exclusive remedy to help ease the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “FedEx worker dies after being pinned between dock and truck in Shawnee,” Nov. 20, 2013

Workplace accident in oilfield

Accidents are abrupt, unexpected interruptions to someone’s workday. Not only do they happen suddenly, they also sometimes pull in coworkers, police officers and medical helpers who come to the aid of the injured worker. These people often act in heroic ways and do much to help the worker in need, sometimes even saving a life.

An oilfield worker was injured recently in Kansas. After a pulley failed to stabilize the man who was suspended more the 50 feet in the air, a dispatcher at an energy company was called and a bucket truck was sent over to the scene of the accident. Men from the co-op risked their lives to recover the injured worker and in around ten minutes they were able to bring him to safety. A helicopter then flew the man to a hospital in Wichita.

With the help of brave and daring rescuers, workers involved in accidents are oftentimes able to walk away from potentially fatal situations. The workers are lucky to have survived, but they have still experienced damaging trauma and sometimes lasting injuries. Fall injuries, scaffolding accidents, chemical spills and other construction and workplace accidents can result in a variety of lasting and costly injuries and illnesses.

Thankfully, there exists a system known as workers’ compensation that allows anyone who has been injured in these kinds of accidents to apply for benefits. These benefits include compensation for lost wages, permanent injuries and medical care. Survivors of loved ones killed on the job are also eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Having an employee advocate, like the help of a legal professional, is useful when navigating through the filing of a workers’ compensation claim.

Source: ECT, “Kansas Co-op Helps in Oil Rig Rescue,” Victoria A. Rocha, Nov. 12, 2013

Accident fatally injures Kansas worker

Kansas residents whose jobs require them to work near highways or busy streets know how hazardous their work environments can be. Constant exposure to speeding cars and other construction site perils put them in danger daily. Because of this danger, it is important for workers to know their legal rights and the options available should anything unfortunate occur on the job.

Sadly, one worker was fatally injured on the job in south-central Kansas recently. The worker, a tow-truck operator, was struck by a vehicle while securing a disabled bus to his truck. He was completing a routine job of towing a tour bus away when a westbound vehicle crushed the worker when he was standing by the trailer of the bus.

When a worker is killed or injured on the job, the company the worker represented may be liable for the damages. If a company fails to provide a safe work environment, or violates any of OSHA’s many regulations, then that company is exhibiting negligence and recklessness. Any examples of recklessness can be used by victims and their families to build a case of employer negligence, allowing them to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits help cover lost wages and medical expenses that have resulted from an accident on the job.

Victims and their families who have suffered as a result of a workplace accident will likely need to review their options. Oftentimes a strong argument can be formed that can ease the burden placed on victims and their families by allowing them to receive the compensation that they are owed by negligent employers.

Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal, “Worker killed in highway hit-and-run,” Phil Anderson, Nov. 6, 2013

Tree service worker electrocuted on job

As with every other state in the U.S., Kansas requires employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. For the many who work in high-risk environments, this statute is of great importance because of the hazards and injuries these workers are exposed to daily.

One high-risk profession is that of a tree service worker. Tree service workers are expected to work at dangerous heights; they need extensive training, and have to use safety equipment to minimize the already high-risk of injury; and what’s more, they are constantly exposed to electrical hazards — power lines and electrical conductors come into play in their day-to-day work lives.

Recently, two tree service workers were injured on the job. While working on a home, one of the workers accidentally made contact with a power line. This caused the worker to receive an electrical shock, which jolted him from the ladder he was standing on. He fell, and his colleague tried to catch him. The man’s colleague suffered leg injuries as a result; the first man suffered fall injuries, and burns from the electrical shock.

Sadly, these kinds of injuries are all too common in high-risk work environments. But thankfully, workers’ compensation exists to help ease the burden of such incidents. Workers’ compensation covers a number of expenses, including replacement income and medical care. Any permanent injuries will be compensated, as well as benefits to survivors who have lost loved ones on the job. To make sure one receives the compensation for which they are entitled, there are legal professionals available to analyze one’s case and ensure that every right is covered.

Source: News Times, “2 tree service workers injured in NJ accident,” Nov. 3, 2013