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Two construction workers electrocuted, killed on the job

Any Kansas resident who has worked construction is likely familiar with the extensive safety training that is required as most construction sites. This safety training is necessary because construction sites are highly hazardous environments and the risk of an accident is almost always sky-high. Yet even with all of this safety training, and the many precautions that workers are often legally required to take, accidents can still occur and the results can be catastrophic. Falling debris, malfunctioning machinery and unstable scaffolding put workers at constant risk of being injured – or worse, killed – in a work-related accident.

According to police reports, two men were recently killed in a construction accident. One of the men, age 55, was the owner of a construction company and the other, age 22, was an employee. Both were on company property when the accident took place.

The accident occurred when a dump truck made contact with live wires, according to reports. After raising its big rig to clean out snow that had gathered, the truck became electrified and the driver, after walking outside of the truck, touched the big rig and received a lethal electric shock. The owner of the construction company came rushing to help the man and he too touched the truck and was electrocuted. The two men suffered electric burns and shock and medics were unable to save them.

Considering how dangerous construction sites can be, it can be helpful for workers and their families to be familiar with their rights and the options available to them should an accident occur. One such option is workers’ compensation, which in some cases offers exclusive remedy to victims and their families after an accident occurs. Learning about workers’ compensation can help victims and their families decide whether or not it is the best option to pursue, or if other legal action is more appropriate.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “2 Electrocuted, Killed in South Windsor Construction Accident,” Feb. 19, 2014

Man sustains multiple injuries in agriculture workplace accident

As many Kansas residents can likely attest to, work is often built around routine. Most people go to their jobs and have a routine that allows them to get into a workflow. Workplace accidents are abrupt, unexpected interruptions to a person’s routine that can change a worker’s life in an instant. Especially in jobs that require the use of tools and machinery, there is always the chance that a mishap could happen at any moment and devastate employees and their families.

A recent workplace accident had devastating results for a man and his wife and kids. It is likely that neither he nor his wife could have foreseen the tragedy that befell him while he was on the job. He was severely injured after an accident occurred at his place of employment. He was grinding corn, as was his duty at work, when his clothing suddenly got tangled in a power takeoff shaft of the grinder. As a result, the worker’s body was violently thrashed about and his midsection and lower body were crushed in the grinder.

Among his injuries were several broken bones including both of his femurs, his right foot, left ankle, right forearm and a number of ribs. He suffered severe bruising to his spleen, diaphragm and lungs. Because of his injuries, it is expected that he will be hospitalized for up to two months. The resulting medical expenses have been difficult for the family to deal with. He may have to wait up to a year to fully recover.

Medical expenses and time away from work can devastate a family financially. This is why when someone is hurt on the job; there is often the option of pursuing workers’ compensation to help the family recover some of these costs. Workers’ compensation offers exclusive remedy in some cases and can help victims in their recoveries. It is helpful for employees to know their rights and the options available to them.

Source: Rapid City Journal, “Newell man recovering from horrific work accident,” Colleen Brunner, Feb. 15, 2014

Industrial accident causes worker fatal injuries

Many Kansas residents likely received some form of safety training when they start working. Most jobs require employees to partake in such training. Yet even with safety training and an understanding of the dangers in a work environment, no one expects an accident to occur. When a worker is injured or killed in an accident, victims and their families may be left wondering what options are available to them.

In what must have been and unexpected and tragic occurrence, a worker was killed in an industrial accident recently. He was a contract worker doing a job at a castings plant that was under construction. While he was installing heating and air conditioning in the castings plant, a pipe exploded and fatally injured the man. An investigation into the castings plant revealed that the company had been cited for two prior violations, both of which were considered severe. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident.

Accidents of this nature — that is, industrial accidents — are usually thoroughly investigated. Investigators hope to uncover who was at fault in the accident. Workers are protected by certain rights and can use investigation results to help determine what legal action may be appropriate. In many cases, a workers’ compensation may be worth pursuing in order to protect an injury victim and a family from the medical expenses, lost wages and other financial shocks that can come in the wake of an accident.

Each situation is unique and requires a thorough analysis that puts the evidence together to help determine what a victim may be entitled to. With diligence and a thorough understanding of the legalities involved, victims can often pursue full and fair compensation.

Source: WSOCTV, “Officials: Man dies after pipe explodes at plant,” Jan. 31, 2014

Plant collapse results in two dead, more injured

Kansas residents likely understand the hazardous conditions of certain work environments. Falling debris and building collapses are everyday risks for some employees. Still, most workplace accidents are completely unexpected, even if the danger is known and every safety precaution is duly taken. Most employers are required to secure their workplaces to meet certain OSHA regulations; similarly, most employees are expected to take certain safety precautions to protect against any potential accidents. Accidents can still happen, though, and when a worker is injured or families members are lost in a work-related accident, they may be wonder what options for recovery are available.

An accident recently occurred at a nutrition plant located just north of Kansas in Nebraska. Tragically, two workers were killed and 10 injured as the result of the nutrition plant’s collapse. Evidence points to an explosion being the likely cause of the collapse. Panels appear to have been blown off of the building. This is based on mere photographic evidence, however, and experts anticipate that the investigation will take up to six months.

The plant had previously undergone investigation by OSHA and was cited for six violations. These violations were unrelated to the building’s structure, however. An assessor that inspected the building considered it to be of average quality and in good condition. Based on these findings and the photographic evidence, experts have come to the conclusion that a dust explosion is a possible explanation for the collapse. Contrary to the experts’ opinions, some of the surviving victims in the collapse did not believe an explosion caused the collapse, as they did not hear or see any evidence of a blast.

Even if a company is not found guilty of violating any safety requirements — and are thus not liable for the damages — workers and the families of victims can still pursue workers’ compensation for the financial difficulties they have suffered. Oftentimes, medical expenses and lost wages serve to further inflict suffering on victims and their families, making it prudent to seek out legal help in planning the best course of action to compensation and fair recovery.

Source:, “Evidence suggests blast caused International Nutrition accident,” Barbara Soderlin and Henry J. Cordes, Jan. 27, 2014

19-year-old suffers fatal injuries in construction accident

Any Kansas resident who has worked on a construction site knows how hazardous these work environments can be. Falling objects, electrocution and heavy machinery accidents are an everyday risk. Injuries are not uncommon and, sadly, fatalities are possible. OSHA regulations set forth certain safety requirements that are put in place to protect employees. Unfortunately, these regulations cannot always prevent the tragic from occurring.

A high school student was tragically killed in a recent construction site accident. The young man, 19 years old, had been featured in the news before as an 11-year-old with dreams of becoming a NASCAR driver. These dreams inspired him to race go karts competitively and the young man had won a grand national championship for his driving skills. Tragically, the young man died while working at a highway construction site. OSHA did not release exact details regarding the nature of the accident because of an ongoing investigation.

OSHA, in compliance with the philosophy that workers have a right to a safe workplace, works to reduce hazards in the workplace by implementing certain health and safety programs, along with giving employees certain rights and responsibilities. When these rights are violated, the results are often tragic. Families of loved ones who have been injured or killed in work accidents may be left wondering what options they have for recourse.

With vigorous representation, families of loved ones may be able to pursue compensation through a number of means. There are different forms of recovery that may be appropriate based on the nature of the accident. Sometimes, a product liability claim is suitable, while other times pursuing workers’ compensation is the better option. It is important for victims and families of victims to know all of the options that are available to them.

Source: WCTV, “Fatal Construction Accident In Taylor County,” Andy Alcock, Jan. 20, 2014

Industrial accident leaves worker with hand injuries in Kansas

An employee can suffer many kinds of injuries on the job. Sometimes the injury is due to a defective power tool, or other times it may be from the malfunctioning or misuse of a forklift or crane. The severity and costliness of the injuries vary, too. Some injuries result in lifelong debilitation, while others require simple, short-term treatment. Yet, regardless of how severe the injuries are considered to be, there are options available to employees who are injured on the job.

Kansas residents may have heard about a recent accident that occurred while an employee was performing his day-to-day tasks at his place of employment. The 21-year-old man was performing his duties as an industrial worker at a print and packaging company. The accident occurred when the man’s shirt was caught in a rotating roller, which resulted in his hand being pulled into the roller. According to a police sergeant, the industrial accident caused him to suffer a severe injury in his hand. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Treatment for a workplace injury in many cases can be costly. Even the transportation costs to hospitals are costs that need to be considered. Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system exits, which allows anyone injured on the job to pursue compensation for the injuries they have suffered. Regardless of whether the injury was caused by the employee himself, a negligent employer or a manufacturer’s defective product, workers’ compensation is an option worth considering — but there are other options for workers to consider as well. This is why it is important for employees to know all of the available options in order to ensure that their rights are protected.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, “Man injures hand in industrial accident,” Stan Finger, Jan. 4, 2014

Tyson Foods plant in Kansas fined by government agency

Maintaining a safe working environment should be a goal of all employers in the state of Kansas. Unfortunately, some companies fail to meet this goal, prompting action by government agencies.

A Tyson Foods plant in Kansas is facing a serious fine of up to $147,000 due to a series of safe workplace violations, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor. The fine came after an inspection by the agency revealed the plant has violated regulations seven times over the past 10 years, including some recent willful violations.

In addition, the inspection revealed that workers were not properly trained on lockout procedures to prevent the inadvertent operation of machinery, and the plant had removed guardrails, subjecting employees to the possibility of amputation. One man had his arm cut off at the elbow when his garments became caught in a machine while at work, pulling his arm into moving gears. Approximately 150 people work at the plant and may have been put at risk of harm.

OSHA is a government agency tasked with ensuring that workplaces meet a set of safety standards. Not only are workers who are exposed to potential workplace hazards entitled to precautions such as guardrails and protective clothing, but they are also entitled to be trained on how to avoid becoming hurt in a workplace accident. They can also request OSHA to inspect their workplace, which can be made confidentially. Workers cannot face retaliation or discrimination for making such a request.

Employers must provide workers with a safe workplace. By holding employers accountable through an OSHA investigation, employees can make sure their rights are upheld and that they are not subject to an unsafe working environment.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “OSHA cites Kansas Tyson Foods plant for violations, including one that led to severed hand,” Dec. 18

Construction site accident injures 2, kills 1

In some work environments, employees are at great risk of injury or death every day. OSHA regulations and requirements are set up to help protect employees by requiring, by law, that employers secure their work environments in certain ways. Unfortunately, OSHA regulations cannot prevent every kind of mishap and workplace accidents are still a tragic reality.

Kansas residents may be shocked and saddened to learn of a recent workplace accident that resulted in the loss of a life. Three construction workers were injured in an accident involving a partial wall collapse. The accident occurred late at night when the workers were demolishing a section of a Ruby Tuesday restaurant located in a mall. Falling concrete from the demolition struck three workers – two of whom had to be rushed to a nearby hospital. One of the men, a 25-year-old, died from his injuries. The two other men suffered minor injuries. The local police department, along with OSHA, are investigating the accident.

Construction sites can be hazardous environments. Given the amount of machinery and environmental hazards that are sometimes present at these sites, there is always going to be a risk of injury. Because of this, it is prudent for workers to learn of their legal rights to make sure they are protected should anything unfortunate occur.

Whether it is a scaffolding accident, defective tool or forklift accident, construction workers who experience an accident may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation offers an exclusive remedy for those hurt on the job and can help cover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs that result from the tragedy. In some cases, however, it may be more beneficial to file a third-party liability claim – which is why it is important for workers to be aware of all the options available.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Worker Dies From Injuries In Construction Collapse At Vernon Hills Mall,” Dec. 27, 2013

Mill worker killed in tragic accident

Kansas residents are hard workers. They know the challenges of a hard day’s work as well as the hazards of day-to-day life in a difficult working environment. Some workers risk their lives every day to get their jobs done, knowing full well that accidents and tragedies could occur at any time. Some Kansas residents may not be aware, however, of the options available for someone who is hurt while performing their duties in their work environment, as well as for the families of loved ones left to suffer with the tragedy of losing a loved one at work.

A man suffered fatal injuries at a mill that had employed him for more than three years. In a tragic turn of events, the man was called in to work on his day off. In the afternoon, while finishing his shift, the man was loading an extractor — a machine that dries fabric. The machine spins rapidly to dry the fabric and the man was pulled into the rapidly spinning machine. Family members are reportedly demanding answers for what caused the accident. The cause is currently under investigation.

Employees are protected by certain rights — rights that come into play when they anyone is involved in workplace accidents. Wage benefits and medical benefits may be owed to victims and families of victims who have been injured or killed on the job. This usually comes in the form of workers’ compensation, which offers a remedy for injured workers. Sometimes victims may also choose to pursue a product liability claim if the injury or death was caused by a faulty product or manufacturing error. There are options for workers and their families, and it is prudent for anyone in these situations to learn of these options and plan accordingly.

Source: Fox 8, “Randleman man dies in workplace accident,” Stephanie Ando, Dec. 16, 2013

Industrial accident results in fatal injuries for worker

Kansas residents know that some work environments are, unfortunately, more hazardous than others. Accidents can occur at any type of job, but some occupations put employees at an increased risk of danger than others. Industrial and construction jobs are examples of these types of high-risk work environments, and it is vital that employees in these types of professions, as well as loved ones of these workers, are aware of their legal rights in regards to work-related injuries and deaths.

Tragically, an industrial worker was killed recently at a plant on the east coast. Police pronounced the man dead on the scene after a steel beam weighing 12,000 pounds fell onto the man. The victim’s family was able to identify him following the accident. According to reports from a preliminary investigation, the fatal injury appeared to be caused by a work accident, with no foul play involved. This was the second accident in the area involving an industrial worker within just five days.

The frequency of accidents in these types of professions makes it vital for workers and their families to be aware of the options available should injury or death occur. Even in cases when the employer was not at fault, victims can pursue benefits in the form of workers’ compensation should a workplace injury occur.

This remedy is often sought by injured workers. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, the victim or their families may seek the vital financial resources they need during a troubled time in their lives. Knowing one’s legal rights can help victims pursue the best option available.

Source:, “Man killed in industrial accident in East Boston,” Derek J. Anderson, Dec. 9, 2013