Industrial accident causes worker fatal injuries

Many Kansas residents likely received some form of safety training when they start working. Most jobs require employees to partake in such training. Yet even with safety training and an understanding of the dangers in a work environment, no one expects an accident to occur. When a worker is injured or killed in an accident, victims and their families may be left wondering what options are available to them.

In what must have been and unexpected and tragic occurrence, a worker was killed in an industrial accident recently. He was a contract worker doing a job at a castings plant that was under construction. While he was installing heating and air conditioning in the castings plant, a pipe exploded and fatally injured the man. An investigation into the castings plant revealed that the company had been cited for two prior violations, both of which were considered severe. Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident.

Accidents of this nature — that is, industrial accidents — are usually thoroughly investigated. Investigators hope to uncover who was at fault in the accident. Workers are protected by certain rights and can use investigation results to help determine what legal action may be appropriate. In many cases, a workers’ compensation may be worth pursuing in order to protect an injury victim and a family from the medical expenses, lost wages and other financial shocks that can come in the wake of an accident.

Each situation is unique and requires a thorough analysis that puts the evidence together to help determine what a victim may be entitled to. With diligence and a thorough understanding of the legalities involved, victims can often pursue full and fair compensation.

Source: WSOCTV, “Officials: Man dies after pipe explodes at plant,” Jan. 31, 2014