Kansas trooper critical after patrol car gets rear-ended

Not all workplace accidents happen inside an office or factory building. Depending on a person’s occupation, the workplace location can vary significantly. Many people work in an outdoor location, such as a construction site or on a road. A worker may move from job site to job site to perform a specific skill. The public’s imagination might be stretched to include many different work locations were workplace accidents might occur.

A car was the unlikely scene of critical injury for a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper after a pickup truck rammed into his patrol car while he was sitting in it. According to reports, the trooper’s car was stopped on the side of the highway for a truck inspection when a pickup truck hit his car from behind. The Haysville, Kansas, driver said the crash happened due to a sneeze, although police are investigating whether driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and talking or texting on a cellphone. Also under scrutiny is whether the vehicle was speeding and if the driver tried to avoid hitting the police car. Police stated the driver has several speeding violations on record.

Driver negligence and carelessness always come to mind as reasons for accidents with similar details and especially when they affect those who call a highway their workplace. Laws relating to workplace injuries allow victims to file workers compensation insurance claims for financial relief while recuperating.

Kansas City employers generally purchase workers’ compensation insurance to ensure that financial and other liabilities in such cases can be met. Reimbursement of medical bills, wages lost while recovering from the injury and other expenses may be addressed by workers compensation.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, “Highway Patrol trooper hurt on turnpike remains in critical condition“, Stan Finger, March 29, 2014