Man and woman injured in work-related fireworks accident

Unfortunately, a recent Independence Day celebration in Jefferson County left two workers with burn injuries after fireworks in an uncovered tote accidentally ignited. The workers’ injuries were not thought to be life-threatening, but anyone who has experienced one knows that burn injuries can be some of the most painful.

The accident happened at the annual public fireworks display in Valley Falls. One of the workers, a Valley Falls resident, reportedly had severe arm burns. He was transported to a Topeka hospital for treatment. An Ozawkie woman was the other injured employee, and in addition to burn injuries, she was hit with a fragment of PVC pipe that embedded in her arm.

Investigators believe fireworks in an uncovered container detonated. That fire spread to a large store of fireworks in two separate containers. The exact cause of the accident was still under investigation at the time of a local report, and the injured workers may want to explore their compensation options under Kansas law.

Both individuals were initially taken to a local hospital, but the woman had to be transported from there to Kansas University Hospital. At first the wound on her arm was thought to be a broken bone but was later confirmed to be broken pipe.

Handling fireworks is one of those types of work that carry certain risks, but employees still have the right to a reasonably safe work environment. Workers’ compensation is available to injured employees across the spectrum, and anyone who has been injured in a work-related accident should be aware of the legal options for covering medical bills, lost wages and other damages arising out of the course of employment.

Source: Lawrence Journal-World, “Two workers injured in Valley Falls fireworks accident,” Ian Cummings, July 5, 2013