Man sustains multiple injuries in agriculture workplace accident

As many Kansas residents can likely attest to, work is often built around routine. Most people go to their jobs and have a routine that allows them to get into a workflow. Workplace accidents are abrupt, unexpected interruptions to a person’s routine that can change a worker’s life in an instant. Especially in jobs that require the use of tools and machinery, there is always the chance that a mishap could happen at any moment and devastate employees and their families.

A recent workplace accident had devastating results for a man and his wife and kids. It is likely that neither he nor his wife could have foreseen the tragedy that befell him while he was on the job. He was severely injured after an accident occurred at his place of employment. He was grinding corn, as was his duty at work, when his clothing suddenly got tangled in a power takeoff shaft of the grinder. As a result, the worker’s body was violently thrashed about and his midsection and lower body were crushed in the grinder.

Among his injuries were several broken bones including both of his femurs, his right foot, left ankle, right forearm and a number of ribs. He suffered severe bruising to his spleen, diaphragm and lungs. Because of his injuries, it is expected that he will be hospitalized for up to two months. The resulting medical expenses have been difficult for the family to deal with. He may have to wait up to a year to fully recover.

Medical expenses and time away from work can devastate a family financially. This is why when someone is hurt on the job; there is often the option of pursuing workers’ compensation to help the family recover some of these costs. Workers’ compensation offers exclusive remedy in some cases and can help victims in their recoveries. It is helpful for employees to know their rights and the options available to them.

Source: Rapid City Journal, “Newell man recovering from horrific work accident,” Colleen Brunner, Feb. 15, 2014