OHSA cites company for multiple safety violations

Residents in Johnson City, Kansas, are no stranger to hard work. Whether one has a job with multiple occupational hazards, or one works behind a desk, employees are entitled to a safe work environment.

Recently, a metal finishing company has gotten itself into hot water with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OHSA inspected the work place after workers had complained that they were not evacuated when there was a gas leak on the premises. OHSA found 14 safety violations being committed by the company, including failure to train its employees on proper use of industrial equipment, inadequate labeling of hazardous material and failure to perform medical evaluations on its employees for proper respirator use.

The company faces penalties over $46,000. The company can choose to contest the violations found by the OHSA inspectors, or if it does not contest the findings, the company must fix the violations in the time frame given by OHSA and pay the penalties assessed.

Fortunately, no employee was harmed as a result of the multiple violations found in their work place. Not all individuals are so lucky. When an employee is hurt on the job, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits are mandated by every state. They require employers to make payments to employees who suffer injuries connected to their work.

Employers often carry worker’s compensation insurance to provide for injured employees. This insurance covers the employee’s medical expenses, lost wages, additional compensation for injuries that will not heal, as well as compensation to the loved ones of employees who are killed while on the job. Not all injuries are covered under workers’ compensation insurance. It is crucial that any individual who has been injured in the work place ensure that their rights are protected and seek the appropriate assistance in pursuit of justice.

Source: OSHA.gov, “Badger Metal Finishing cited by US Labor Department’s OSHA for 14 violations, including failing to evacuate workers during a natural gas leak,” August 12, 2013