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Female road worker dies in highway construction accident

The nature of a person’s work can involve exposure to many different dangers. This has prompted Kansas and many other states to enact protective laws, such as requiring use of protective equipment and clothing, to ensure the safety of workers in Topeka, Kansas City, and every road in between. Sometimes construction site accidents occur despite workers following the most stringent safety protocols. This is due in part to the nature of construction work, which often involves using heavy machinery and power tools. Thus, the death of a worker in a construction site accident is as much a general safety concern as a tragedy.

A recent incident resulted in the death of a 48-year-old construction worker at a highway site after a dump truck ran over the worker while backing up. Although the truck was moving slowly, and despite the worker wearing a hard hat and a safety vest, she was unable to avoid the vehicle, having only noticed it moments before the accident. Co-workers at the site apparently tried to scream a warning to the worker as well as the 25-year-old truck driver but the noisy environment made it impossible for them to be heard.

A police highway patrol investigation found that the woman, whose task involved routing traffic using signs, was kneeling on the road surface when the truck hit her.

The accident understandably shocked long-time colleagues on site and elsewhere. While her family might consider a legal route for monetary compensation, their loss can never really be adequately recompensed. Victims of construction accidents are usually eligible for workers’ compensation, but compensation amounts are likely to be determined by the insurance limit purchased by the employer. This limit ultimately may prompt a court battle. Having an experienced attorney deal with the legal issues may grant surviving family members the opportunity to grieve in peace.

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Two construction workers electrocuted, killed on the job

Any Kansas resident who has worked construction is likely familiar with the extensive safety training that is required as most construction sites. This safety training is necessary because construction sites are highly hazardous environments and the risk of an accident is almost always sky-high. Yet even with all of this safety training, and the many precautions that workers are often legally required to take, accidents can still occur and the results can be catastrophic. Falling debris, malfunctioning machinery and unstable scaffolding put workers at constant risk of being injured – or worse, killed – in a work-related accident.

According to police reports, two men were recently killed in a construction accident. One of the men, age 55, was the owner of a construction company and the other, age 22, was an employee. Both were on company property when the accident took place.

The accident occurred when a dump truck made contact with live wires, according to reports. After raising its big rig to clean out snow that had gathered, the truck became electrified and the driver, after walking outside of the truck, touched the big rig and received a lethal electric shock. The owner of the construction company came rushing to help the man and he too touched the truck and was electrocuted. The two men suffered electric burns and shock and medics were unable to save them.

Considering how dangerous construction sites can be, it can be helpful for workers and their families to be familiar with their rights and the options available to them should an accident occur. One such option is workers’ compensation, which in some cases offers exclusive remedy to victims and their families after an accident occurs. Learning about workers’ compensation can help victims and their families decide whether or not it is the best option to pursue, or if other legal action is more appropriate.

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Construction accidents can happen anywhere

Kansas residents know that some professions are more dangerous than others. However, when one is a construction worker, the worker is often exposed to unfamiliar surroundings. This fact, coupled with the dangerous nature of construction in general can sometimes lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Recently, a construction worker was badly injured while working on a job at a college university campus. The construction worker had to be taken away in an ambulance after he fell from a basket lift. Luckily, the worker was wearing a harness which kept him from falling and hitting the ground.

As one can see, construction accidents can happen at any time and any place. Even the most organized and secure construction site can give way to accidents. Even when an individuals is using extreme care and caution, construction site injuries can occur. It is for this reason that employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If a worker is injured on the job, the insurance company will likely pay for the injured workers’ medical expenses, as well as additional permanent disability benefits if the injuries prevent the worker from ever returning to his normal duties.

Insurance companies may fight the payment of benefits, as not all injuries are covered under workers compensation. Injuries suffered while driving to or from work are typically not covered, as well as some injuries that are suffered while not performing one’s regular work duties. Experienced legal professionals are available to make sure any Kansas resident who as suffered an injury on the job receives all the benefits to which they are entitled.

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Construction accident leaves worker seriously injured

When Kansas residents drive along roadways and see beautiful buildings, hotels and office spaces, they don’t often think of the construction worker who spent long, hard, laboring hours creating the structure. Construction workers are often underappreciated and unfortunately in one of the more dangerous professions for workplace accidents.

Recently, a construction worker was seriously injured while working on the job. The 40 year-old man suffered nearly a complete amputation of his leg after a piece of heavy equipment fell. He was flown by medical helicopter to a local hospital. He was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, but is expected to survive. A firefighter who responded on the scene was also injured and treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

Construction accidents are much more common than in other professions. While the risk of construction worker accidents is increased due to the nature of the work, all employees who are injured in the workplace will be entitled to compensation from their employer. Workers compensation benefits entitle the injured worker to lost wages while recovering from the injury, medical expenses, as well as compensation benefits if the worker is permanently incapacitated and cannot continue in his normal job duties.

There are some instances, however, when an injured worker will be unable to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Examples can include injuries that the employee suffered while driving to or from work, or certain instances where the employee was not following workplace safety policies. It is important to note that even if the employee was not physically in his regular work environment when the injury occured, he is still eligible for worker’s compensation benefits if he was injured by performing a task connected to his or her job.

Any Kansas resident who has been injured in the workplace needs to make sure they understand all their available legal options. Experienced employment law legal professionals can analyze the details in a specific case and help determine what the best solution would be.

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Worker dies in crane accident at construction site

Kansas residents know that there is always the chance of suffering an injury when on the job. However, when one works in the construction industry, the nature of the work puts the employee at a greater risk for injuries and even death than other professions.

Recently, a construction worker lost his life during a tragic construction accident. Two construction workers were working on a power line project when the crane accident occurred. In order to complete the project, the two men had to be lowered by a crane into a 50-foot hole. As the crane was lowering them, a strap broke, causing the men to fall 20 to 30 feet.

Sadly, one of the workers lost his life due to head injuries sustained from the impact of the fall. The other construction worker suffered only minor injuries. The local sheriff’s department, as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is investigating the accident.

If an individual loses his life or suffers injuries while on the job, the injured employee or the loved ones of the decedent may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by the government at the state level for certain groups of employers in every state. The benefits may include payment for medical treatment and compensation for employees who suffer permanent injury as a result of their workplace accidents. In addition, an injured employee may be able to receive payment for lost wages and the cost of any future training that he or she may require, if the injury necessitates a move to a different position within the company.

Kansas residents who have been injured on the job should make sure their rights are protected. Suffering an injury can be a very traumatic experience, so it is key that the responsible parties are brought to justice and that the victim receives all the compensation to which he or she is entitled.

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