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Construction worker suffers injury on the job

Kansas residents may work in a variety of different work environments. Whether an individual works behind a desk or on top of a building, accidents can happen on the job at any time. All Kansas workers should know what their rights are should an accident on the job occur.

Construction workers are often times exposed to dangerous work environments as part of their everyday job duties and responsibilities. Recently, a construction worker was seriously injured as he was working on a project for the National Museum of Africa-American History and Culture on the Mall. The worker suffered a scaffolding fall while he was working at the construction site. He fell about 20 feet and was immediately taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Whenever a worker is injured on the job, they will be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Most individuals may think workers are only eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they were injured while performing work specifically for the job; however, there are also additional certain circumstances where an employer is also eligible to receive benefits. These situations can include company parties and other social events that are sponsored by the company, but not necessarily held on company property.

There are some situations in which employers may deny workers’ compensation benefits. These are situations where the worker was not behaving in accordance with workplace safety guidelines, or if alcohol or horseplay was involved in the accident. Having the experience and expertise of a legal professional who specializes in workers’ compensation claims can be helpful to individuals who have suffered an injury while on the job. They will serve as the employee’s advocate and ensure they receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

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