Tree service worker electrocuted on job

As with every other state in the U.S., Kansas requires employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. For the many who work in high-risk environments, this statute is of great importance because of the hazards and injuries these workers are exposed to daily.

One high-risk profession is that of a tree service worker. Tree service workers are expected to work at dangerous heights; they need extensive training, and have to use safety equipment to minimize the already high-risk of injury; and what’s more, they are constantly exposed to electrical hazards — power lines and electrical conductors come into play in their day-to-day work lives.

Recently, two tree service workers were injured on the job. While working on a home, one of the workers accidentally made contact with a power line. This caused the worker to receive an electrical shock, which jolted him from the ladder he was standing on. He fell, and his colleague tried to catch him. The man’s colleague suffered leg injuries as a result; the first man suffered fall injuries, and burns from the electrical shock.

Sadly, these kinds of injuries are all too common in high-risk work environments. But thankfully, workers’ compensation exists to help ease the burden of such incidents. Workers’ compensation covers a number of expenses, including replacement income and medical care. Any permanent injuries will be compensated, as well as benefits to survivors who have lost loved ones on the job. To make sure one receives the compensation for which they are entitled, there are legal professionals available to analyze one’s case and ensure that every right is covered.

Source: News Times, “2 tree service workers injured in NJ accident,” Nov. 3, 2013