Worker suffers multiple injuries on the job

Kansas residents work hard. Whether one works in a factory, on a construction site or behind a desk, on-the-job injuries happen all the time. Accidents can occur due to negligence of the employer or they can occur for no reason at all. Regardless of the circumstances, Kansas workers will have a claim for workers’ compensation to assist with injuries sustained while working on the job.

An oil company worker for Hydrostatic Oil Field Testing Inc. has suffered multiple injuries after being trapped on a derrick. The worker was trapped when parts of the structure began to fall apart. It took rescue workers two hours to free the employee. Rescue workers had to strap a harness to the man and lower him from the broken platform to the ground.

The worker is approximately 35 years of age and suffered both leg injuries and arm injuries from the accident. He was flown by helicopter to Texarkana hospital to be treated for his injuries.

When a worker suffers an on-the-job injury, they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are mandated by every state. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to cover injuries that are sustained do to the negligence or carelessness of the employer, as well as the employee. Workers’ compensation does not cover the pain and suffering of the victim, but will cover medical expenses and permanent disabilities that the injured worker has suffered. However, by filing a workers’ compensation claim, one can be precluded from filing a personal injury lawsuit against their employer.

There are benefits to filing a workers’ compensation claim, as well as a personal injury lawsuit. Experienced workers compensation legal professional can assess the specific details of one’s unique case and determine what the proper course of action would be to ensure the victims receives everything to which they are entitled.

Source: Arkansas Online, “Worker injured after oil derrick breaks in Miller County“, Sept. 23, 2013