Workplace accident in oilfield

Accidents are abrupt, unexpected interruptions to someone’s workday. Not only do they happen suddenly, they also sometimes pull in coworkers, police officers and medical helpers who come to the aid of the injured worker. These people often act in heroic ways and do much to help the worker in need, sometimes even saving a life.

An oilfield worker was injured recently in Kansas. After a pulley failed to stabilize the man who was suspended more the 50 feet in the air, a dispatcher at an energy company was called and a bucket truck was sent over to the scene of the accident. Men from the co-op risked their lives to recover the injured worker and in around ten minutes they were able to bring him to safety. A helicopter then flew the man to a hospital in Wichita.

With the help of brave and daring rescuers, workers involved in accidents are oftentimes able to walk away from potentially fatal situations. The workers are lucky to have survived, but they have still experienced damaging trauma and sometimes lasting injuries. Fall injuries, scaffolding accidents, chemical spills and other construction and workplace accidents can result in a variety of lasting and costly injuries and illnesses.

Thankfully, there exists a system known as workers’ compensation that allows anyone who has been injured in these kinds of accidents to apply for benefits. These benefits include compensation for lost wages, permanent injuries and medical care. Survivors of loved ones killed on the job are also eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Having an employee advocate, like the help of a legal professional, is useful when navigating through the filing of a workers’ compensation claim.

Source: ECT, “Kansas Co-op Helps in Oil Rig Rescue,” Victoria A. Rocha, Nov. 12, 2013